Understand Your Rifle Inside and Out

Learn key rifle skills at our tactical rifle classes in Clio, MI

Do you own a rifle in Clio, MI and want to become more skilled with it? Then you may want to sign up for a tactical rifle class with First Class Defense, LLC. Just like with our tactical pistol classes, we'll help you become a proficient rifle shooter.

Each of our classes is scheduled upon request, meaning you get one-on-one instruction. Please note that all students are required to bring their own rifles with them. We can provide additional ammo if needed.

Speak with our instructor to book a tactical rifle class.

Helping everyone from beginners to pros

We believe that rifle safety is a skill that should always be practiced by responsible gun owners. As such, we offer our rifle training classes to shooters of all skill levels. Our classes are broken down into:

  • Level 1 for the beginner shooter
  • Level 2 for those with some firearm experience
  • Level 3 for those with thorough firearm experience

No matter what skill level you're at, we'll make sure you learn and hone important skills that are relevant for all shooters.

Make an appointment today for a rifle training class.

Women's Only Tactical Rifle Classes Coming Soon!

Check back soon for information on upcoming women's only tactical rifle classes.