Become a Master With Your Pistol

We teach tactical pistol classes in Clio, MI

If you own and carry a pistol, it's important to know how to practically use your firearm in case you need to defend yourself. That's why at First Class Defense, LLC, we host tactical pistol classes in Clio, MI. Our classes will help you become more comfortable with your pistol, especially in stressful situations.

Our tactical pistol classes are 3 hours long, cost $55 per student and range from basic beginner courses to experienced classes. We'll provide the necessary safety equipment and offer firearm rentals and extra ammunition for purchase.

Call us today at 810-391-8606 to sign up for a pistol training class.

Develop practical skills on the range

We conduct all of our pistol training classes right on the range. Here, you'll go through a series of dry fire and live fire drills that'll help you develop your pistol-shooting techniques.

This includes:

  • Learning to shoot while moving
  • Safely drawing and readying your pistol
  • Firing from behind cover
  • Practicing shooting from standing, squatting and prone positions

Reach out to us to see what type of training classes we have coming up.

Women's Only Tactical Pistol Classes Coming Soon!

Check back soon for information on upcoming women's only tactical pistol classes.